The general daily programme is below, every night the senior staff will confirm the timings for the next day and advise of any changes. Please note this schedule can change and below is only an indicator of the day’s plan.

Guests must follow the schedule (which will be available at the Camp) and move between all the parts on time.

Crèche will be available during activities, lectures and workshops.


7.30 Pool and Gym open for ladies
7.45 – 9 Breakfast

9.15 – 10.30 Activity session 1

10.40 – 12pm Activity 2 / Workshop for adults


12.00 Lunch

1.30pm Prayers & Briefing / Announcements

2.30pm Activity 3 (for 5-16 yr olds) / Workshop 1

4pm Activity 4 / Workshop 2 / Discussion circles

5.15pm Free time & Workshop 3


6pm Dinner

7.45pm keynote speech

9pm Maghrib prayers, dua, nasheed and announcements

10pm Programme ends, free time – camp fire, discussion circle, Quran circle

11.00pm Bedtime

4am Fajr prayers