Dr Sarfraz Jeraj

Project Description

Dr Sarfraz Jeraj works professionally as a chartered clinical psychologist in adult mental health services in the NHS. He is currently the lead for capacity building for the Council of European Jamaats and has been involved in leadership, mentoring and personal development training in the Muslim community and other communities for over 3 years. Sarfraz is a qualified MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) practitioner. He is the Honorary Secretary of the Race and Culture Faculty of the British Psychological Society whose aim is to to help Psychologists and other interested professionals to think about ethnicity and cultural diversity and of inequalities based on these differences. Sarfraz is also a borough co-chair London Citizens, an organisation bringing together Muslim and non-Muslim civic society institutions to work together for the common good of Londoners, particularly around social justice and equality issues. His professional trainng qualifications and broadbased working experience bring him the relevant contexts and expertise for leadership development training.