Shyrose Jaffer-Dhalla

Project Description

Zakira Shyrose Jaffer-Dhalla, B.A (hons), M.Ed., is a graduate of York University (Toronto, Canada) and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Sociology Masters Degree in the field of Education.

She is fluent in Urdu, English, Gujarati and Katchi and is an accomplished Marsiya and Nawha-khwaan who began reciting naat and marsiya at large gatherings at the age of 6 yrs.  Her Munajat and Marsiya Albums were first produced in a recording studio in 1990. She has been reciting majalises for over 15 years.

Married to a Family Physician and mother to 3 children aged 14, 12 and 4 yrs,  Zakira Shyrose lectures on Islam at mosques, universities and private gatherings. She has travelled internationally to speak in the United Arab Emirates, Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), United States of America, Canada and United Kingdom.

She specializes in milad recitations and Urdu Lectures for Sunni, Shia  and Interfaith congregations and regularly speaks at Pakistani, Iraqi, Irani, East African, Lebanese,  South African and Afghani gatherings.

A published freelance writer, playwright, Beautician, hairdresser, motivational speaker and Anti-racist Educational counselor by profession, she conducts workshops on Race and Cultural sensitivity and has appeared on TV program panels and radio talk shows to speak on Race Relations.

Her article, based on her personal experiences with racism, entitled “I Ain’t Sitting Beside HER!” was first published in the Toronto Star in 1993 and has since been anthologized in over 30 textbooks and other publications. The article as well as Zakira Shyrose’s Master’s thesis are currently used in University courses to train teachers in Undergraduate Education programs.

She has written for many textbooks and publications such as the Toronto Star and Islamic Insights, and has served for 10 years as Features reporter for Toronto’s Ja’ffari News; she is currently a columnist and writer for Africa Federation Samachar.

Zakira Shyrose serves as Executive Councillor for NASIMCO (representing Toronto Jamaat) and is World Federation’s Liaison for North America for the Women’s Needs Assessment initiative. She is also chairperson of the Jaffari Board of Family Services for the Toronto Jamaat.

Over the years, she has served as Youth Chairperson, Youth Treasurer, Youth Social head, Ghusl/Kafan volunteer, Youth Mentor, Cooking class instructor, Madressa teacher, Board of Trustee for As-Sadiq Islamic school and Teachers’ Chairperson (in charge of administration and training of 150 madressa teachers at Toronto’s Centre Madressa).

She lectures on Islam in Urdu/English/Gujrati and uses multi-media and powerpoint presentations in her majalis.

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