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Kit list

BEDDING: Duvets, sheets and pillows will be provided, but you can bring your own blankets and pillows.

CLOTHING: We suggest that campers bring old but clean clothing. New clothing may look like old clothing when returning home. Clothing should be marked with the camper’s name and a clothing list is handy when packing to make sure that everything that is brought to camp returns home.

1. Two pairs of pyjamas, including fleece pyjamas for cool nights.

2. Two pairs of shoes – (running shoes and walking shoes) and slippers for the bathroom and pool.

3. Daily change of socks and underwear, plus spares.

4. Heavy and light shirts. For sisters, long loose tops with long sleeves.

5. Warm jacket and sweatshirt or jumper.

6. Hat / cap to keep cool outside.

7. Two to three pairs of long trousers or jeans, two pairs of athletic shorts.

8. Everyone is required to have long trousers during prayers and at least a shirt. No tank tops allowed during prayers and during lectures in the prayer hall. Sisters must be covered appropriately.

9. Two swimsuits. For sisters only one piece swimwear is recommended. Swim nappies for babies.

10. Rain jacket.

11. Three to four t-shirts. Pack one white one t-shirt/top for a special activity.

12. One or two pairs of waterproof tracksuits / jogging bottoms.

13. One to two abayas for sisters or dishdashas for brothers.



Toiletry Articles

1. Toothpaste, toothbrush, and dental floss.

2. Soap, shampoo, and waterproof bag to keep toiletries in.

3. Bath towel, pool towel, and washcloth.

4. Brush or comb (Please keep cosmetic items to a minimum).

5. Insect repellent & sunscreen.

6. Deodorant.



1. Flashlight, with extra batteries.

2. Pen/Pencil and notebook.

3. Laundry bag for dirty clothes.

4. Extra plastic bags.

5. Small first aid kit.

6. Money for merchandise, special events, vending machine and snacks.

7. If you have any prescription medications, please bring it with original labels, and keep it at the Reception desk upon arrival.

Optional Equipment

1. Camera (please label with your name).

2. Water bottle to drink and carry with you.

3. Mobile phones and chargers (please label chargers with your name).


Do NOT Bring!

1. Valuables (we are not responsible for valuables brought to camp).

2. Playing cards.

3. Knives & weapons.

4. Chewing gum (this will damage the facility when left on the ground).

5. Any forbidden substances or materials such as drugs, alcohol, and other prohibited items.

NOTE: We have zero tolerance for anyone bringing, soliciting, or taking such substances. Such persons will be immediately expelled and other actions may be taken to resolve the issue.

6. Forbidden forms of music.

7. Hair straighteners or curlers.

8. Irons

9. Blow-dryers.

10. Laptops.