26th – 31st August 2019

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Our Speakers

  • MA in French Language and Literature from the University of British Columbia (UBC)
  • BA in Spanish Language and Literature from UBC
  • Has been doing Hawza studies both in Vancouver (Canada) and London (UK)
  • Lectures and runs workshops regularly on Islamic topics for children, youth and adults in London (UK)
  • Is currently working as HR Officer at Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation (UK)

Fatemah Khaliq 

  • Sara Zaini is pharmacist who has a great interest in the progress of youth in Muslim communities. She has been involved in numerous community activities, to name a few, she is a co-founder of Ya Hussein Project in which she organised events such as annual majalis, she hosted a children’s crafts show and has run discussion cirlcles with young girls two years in a row in Camp Uk.
  • Topics she has special interest in speaking about are life motivation, dealing with contemporary day to day issues, overcoming adversity, utilising social media and helping the youth reach the best of their potentials.

Sara Zaini

Wissam Bazzi

  • Abbas is a qualified Accountant by profession and currently runs his business in pharmaceuticals.
  • He is married with two children aged 13 and 11 is actively involved within the community as the current vice chairman of Stanmore Jafferys (having being the chairman for the last four years), a qualified FA Level 1 Coach with the Stanmore Jafferys Football Academy and a Madhressa teacher within the Higher Education Department.
  • He has also previously served as a mentor at a number of summer camps in Sweden and Iran under COEJ and The World Federation.
  • In addition to having a Parents Of Teens Coaching Certificate, Abbas has co-authored two books with his wife Shaheen: ‘Marriage to Parenthood – The Heavenly Path’ and ‘Selecting a Spouse – The Heavenly Path’ both Abbas and his wife Shaheen have both been involved in delivering workshops in the area of marriage, spouse selection, teen-parenting for over 10 years in various parts of the world including London, Leicester, Birmingham, Chicago, Orlando, India, Kenya,Tanzania etc.

Abbas Merali

  • Shaheen Merali has a BSc in Psychology, a Diploma in Montessori Education and is a Certified Parenting by Connection Instructor.
  • She and her husband have co-authored two books in The Heavenly Path series, and have been conducting workshops for the last 10 years on Spouse Selection, Marriage and Parenting.
  • She has a company, Buzz Ideazz, which seeks to help children love the faith from a young age, through fun products and a sharing of ideas on a blog.

Shaheen Merali

  • Ahmad Bazzi was born and raised in Windsor Ontario to religious Lebanease parents and attended Islamic school from a young age.
  • He is a 5th year hawza student at Imam Hussain Hawza in Windsor which is accredited by both Najaf and Qum.
  • He holds a diploma in CNC programing and recently received an advanced diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • He has been teaching at Imam Hussain Foundation for 4 years and has been lecturing and holding workshops at various mosques and universities for 4 years as well.

Ahmad Bazzi

  • Student at Imam Hussain Hawza in Windsor, Canada since 2014
  • BComm in International Business from Concordia University
  • Diploma in Business Management / Marketing from Dawson College
  • Principal of Al-Sadeq Academy – An Islamic Elementary Private School
  • Founder of AlMujtaba Islamic Network http://www.almujtaba.com
  • Teacher at the Imam Hussain PreHawza and Imam Ridha Quran Institute

Sayyid Hasan Tabatabai

  • World renowned reciter of dua and nasheed.

Abathar Al Halawaji

  • An Award Winning Poet, Public Speaker, Data Scientist, and Activist Syed Shabeer Kirmani, has been invited to deliver talks throughout the US, Canada and the United Kingdom.
  • He is active in the Florida community, having served on multiple management committees, as well as teaching & mentoring at institutes throughout the region. He was co-founder of the Ahlul-Bayt Society at UCF, and served as President and Vice President of the Society.
  • Syed Shabeer is a graduate of UCF, having a Bachelor’s in Economics, Mathematics & Computer Science, and a Master’s in Engineering. He is currently working on his PhD at UCF.

Sayyid Shabbir Kirmani

Sayyid Ali Khalkhali studied at University of London, School of Pharmacy, achieving a Masters in Pharmacy degree in 2008. He successfully completed a Masters degree in Islamic studies in Islamic College, London, under the supervision of Ayatollah Sayyid Fadhil Milani in 2012. Since 2010, Sayyid Al-Khalkhali has been studying in the Islamic Seminary (Hawza) of Qom, Iran and the Hawza Ilmiya in London, England. In addition to studying, Sayyid Ali Khalkhali has always had the enthusiasm to teach and propagate the pristine teachings of the Quran and Ahlulbayt. He has been teaching at at al-Asr Alulbayt Islamic School since 2004, and offers private lessons to various community members worldwide.

Sayyid Ali Khalkhali

  • Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli holds a Masters degree in Pharmacy from the University of London and an MA in Islamic Studies from Middlesex University in the UK.
  • Having studied Hawza (Islamic Seminary education) in both London and Najaf for over 15 years, he also teaches Hawza studies at the Islamic College in London.
  • He is the author of 3 books: ‘Arbaeen The Walk’, ‘Muharram Sermons’ and ‘Baqi: Past, Present & Future.’
  • Heading the innovative Islamic Education Department at Noor Trust in the UK, he regularly conducts sought-after Quranic commentary programmes as well as practical courses on social, historic, moral and jurisprudential areas of relevance to Muslims in the West. He organises workshops and courses on marriage and parenting, participates in interfaith events globally and takes groups for Ziyarah and Hajj annually.

Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli

  • Haj Jalal Moughania is a practicing lawyer and partner at the AT Law Group, a multi-specialty midsize firm based in the US. Moughania holds a Doctorate in Law and a Bachelors in Political Science and Psychology.
  • He serves on the Board of Trustees at the Mainstay Foundation USA.
  • Moughania is an author and lecturer on topics related to Muslim-American identity, civic society and integration, and Islamic thought.

Jalal Moughania

  • Dr. Mohammad Mozaffari has a passionate interest in facilitating and improving opportunities for disadvantaged communities; locally, regionally and internationally.
  • As a dentist working in Leeds, he works to deliver high quality dental care and improve oral health within the primary care field.
  • He is a tertiary sector leadership coach, working to improve capacity and growth within tertiary organisations and provide access to high quality leadership development training, including Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Thomas-Killman Instrument.
  • He has been involved in grassroots projects in the Muslim community for the past decade, developing opportunities to help engage young people in faith and wider society. He is the current chairman of Leeds Muslim Youth Group, working to provide social, spiritual and holistic educational opportunities for Muslim and the wider community in West-Yorkshire.

Dr. Mohammad Mozaffari

  • Canadian Iraqi psychotherapist, also known as The Muslim Counsellor.
  • Passionate public speaker in Muslim Mental Health, Social Justice , Islamic issues and poetry.
  • She has worked locally and internationally on a variety of mental health initiatives working tirelessly to break the stigma around the topic within the community.
  • Berak also speaks on a variety of Islamic and Psychological issues bridging the connection and misconceptions around Islam and mental health and Islam and women.
  • Having successful workshop, media and lecture tours in the UK and Australia,
  • Working with youths and parents with cross cultural generational dialogues as well as motivational and mindfulness talks, Berak continues to encourage people to reach their full potential with the motto of: Inspire Lift Empower

Berak Hussain

Attending 18th – 21st


  • PhD – Business Process Management (City University)
  • MA – Islamic Studies (ICAS)
  • Hawza (ICAS)

Professional Work

  • IBM
  • Xerox
  • NHS
  • Moody’s Cooperation
  • Visiting Lecturer (City University)


  • IUS
  • Alayn Social care foundation

Dr Ehsan Rangiha


Individual tickets Full week
26th – 31st
Under 2 £120
2-6 years old £200
7-15 years old £210
16-24 years old £210
25+ years old £250
Family tickets Full week
26th – 31st
Family of 2 £625
Family of 3 £650
Family of 4 £800
Family of 5 £975
Family of 6 £1,150
Family of 7 £1,330
Family of 8 £1,440
Family of 9 £1,590
Family of 10 £1,750

Please note, coach seats cost an extra fixed fee of £20, for one way or return bookings. This fee is for 26th departure, and return on 31st.

What you get for the price

A dozen activities to choose from

Three course meal, three times a day.

Family friendly Islamic environment.

Cinema on site (for children).

Connect and benefit from great speakers, mentors and facilitators.

Transport. (To and from London only).

Variety of workshops throughout the week.

All our activities are insured.

Comfortable accommodation.

Qualified and trained staff to rely on.

Crèche service.

Please do read the Tickets Policy for further details.

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