17th – 23rd August 2018

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Our Speakers

  • Shaykh Ali Abbas Al-Yusufi is a student of the Islamic seminary of the holy city of Najaf
  • He was raised in London, UK
  • He has a Law degree from the University of Westminster, London
  • After pursuing his religious studies in London and Pakistan, he moved to Najaf in 2009 with his family to continue his studies at the Islamic seminary
  • During his breaks, he teaches and lectures in the UK

Shaykh Ali Abbas Al-Yusufi

  • Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A
  • Graduated from Wayne State University, majoring in Psychology
  • Studies in the Islamic Seminary of Najaf
  • lectured and taught a variety of classes in Islamic studies

Zahraa Hamka

Corporate Wellness Specialist

  • maximise staff productivity through mental and physical training

Founder of ZigZee media agency

  • Social media specialist

Motivational speaker

Dr Mahmood Mawjee


  • PhD – Business Process Management (City University)
  • MA – Islamic Studies (ICAS)
  • Hawza (ICAS)

Professional Work

  • IBM
  • Xerox
  • NHS
  • Moody’s Cooperation
  • Visiting Lecturer (City University)


  • IUS
  • Alayn Social care foundation

Dr Ehsan Rangiha

  • Sister Walaa Abada is a labor and delivery nurse based in Dearborn, Michigan.
  • She holds a B.S. in Nursing and Psychology. Abada is planning on resuming her studies to complete her doctorate in midwifery studies.
  • In addition to her professional career, she is a lecturer and mentor for young girls.
  • Abada is the cofounder of the Majalis of Zainab, a nonprofit project that aims to teach and inspire young Muslim females through year round religious programming.

Sister Walaa Abada

  • Sayyid Abathar Tajaldeen is a practicing attorney and counselor with At Law Group based in Dearborn, Michigan.
  • He focuses his practice on business, nonprofit, and immigration law.
  • Tajaldeen has a background in nonprofit leadership and management.
  • He is the Executive Director of the Mainstay Foundation where he focuses his work on strategic planning, resource management, and community partnerships.
  • Additionally, he is a lecturer and teacher with the foundation.
  • Tajaldeen holds a J.D. in Law and B.A. in Economics and Political Science from Wayne State University.

Sayyid Abathar Tajaldeen

  • Haj Jalal Moughania is a practicing attorney and counselor at law.
  • He is a partner at the AT Law Group based in Michigan, where he focuses on the firm’s business law practice.
  • Moughania holds a J.D. in Law and a B.A. in Political Science and Psychology.
  • He serves as the Deputy Director at the Mainstay Foundation.
  • Moughania is also a researcher, writer, and lecturer on topics related to Muslim-American identity, civic society, and Islamic thought.

Haj Jalal Moughania


Individual tickets Early Bird full week
(valid until 31st May)
17th – 23rd
Early Bird half week
(valid until 31st May)
17th – 20th
Early bird half week
(valid until 31st May)
20th – 23rd
Under 2 £50 (Saving £20) £35 (Saving £15) £30 (Saving £20)
2-5 year olds £100 (Saving £20) £70 (Saving £20) £65 (Saving £25)
6-65 £220 (Saving £30) £150 (Saving £30) £125 (Saving £25)
66+ £200 (Saving £20) £125 (Saving £25) £100 (Saving £30)
Family rooms Early Bird full week
(valid until 31st May)
17th – 23rd
Early Bird half week
(valid until 31st May)
17th – 20th
Early bird half week
(valid until 31st May)
20th – 23rd
Room with 2 single beds +
(1 child under 2 years old)
£600 (Saving £100) £350 (Saving £70) £280 (Saving £90)
Room with 3 beds £650 (Saving £50) £450 (Saving £90) £360 (Saving £130)
Room with 4 beds £800 (Saving £150) £600 (Saving £65) £480 (Saving £120)
Room with 5 beds £1,000 (Saving £100) £700 (Saving £85) £560 (Saving £160)
Room with 6 beds £1,140 (Saving £110) £780 (Saving £95) £624 (Saving £176)
Room with 7 beds £1,260 (Saving £100) £840 (Saving £115) £672 (Saving £188)
Room with 8 beds £1400 (Saving £200) £900 (Saving £136) £720 (Saving £215)
Room with 10 beds £1,600 (Saving £300) £1,000 (Saving £200) £800 (Saving £235)

Please note, coach seats cost an extra fixed fee of £20, for one way or return bookings.

What you get for the price

60+ activities to choose from.

Three course meal, three times a day.

Family friendly Islamic environment.

Cinema on site (for children).

Connect and benefit from great speakers, mentors and facilitators.


Variety of workshops throughout the week.

All our activities are insured.

Comfortable accommodation.

Qualified and trained staff to rely on.

Crèche service.

Trekking Shropshire’s beautiful and varied landscapes.

* NUS Student Discount

Group ticket of 10 full stay £1,500 .

Please do read the Tickets Policy for further details.

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